Mind Power Series

The paintings Divine Travelers and Refining Desires are both part of The Mind Power and Chakras Series.
These 120 x 100 cms canvasses, capture in oil, both, the subtlety and profundity of life while bringing out the power of the mind and the awakening of chakras. Divine Travelers revolves around the philosophy that life is nothing but an illusionary journey between the truths birth and death making each one of us lonesome travelers despite the bonds that we fabricate in this world; Refining Desires brings out the intensity of feminine desires that commence with marriage and move on to salvation and enlightenment with the awakening of chakras. Both of these highly articulate paintings deal with the effect of the awakening of chakras on the human mind. They are palpably dissimilar, yet have delightful similarities in their essence and the apt and skillful expression of thought.