Recent Paintings

Wings of Longing: Bound by Reality

Shades of Separation: Innocence Divided by Invisible terrain

Grounded Dreams: Yearning for Flight

Love in Lockdown: An Intimate Refuge

What inspires and motivates me as an artist

Sporadically colours in my palette are quenching a lot to pain for the inner peace of every individual and harmony may be such a way world peace emerged..

I am primarily a painter of moods, emotions and concepts. I find my sources of motivation in nature, life and man alike. I derive gratification in giving form to the abstract on a medium as real as the space within the frame of a canvas. The construction of my works involves a time consuming process that grows at every stage to result in a piece of art that is no longer silent but is eloquent and strives to convey something. The process of creation becomes the art itself. I find inspiration in the histrionics of the human mind which has created this dynamic world around us where man stages his many dramas in pursuit of his many dreams, as part of his worldly existence. I find motivation in nature that teaches us the magnificence and inevitability of impermanence, so also life that twists and turns to flow unbridled ignites my creativity and passion as an artist.


Philaesthoism is an artistic practice that lays stress on infusing art with the beauty and love extant in human bonds. More than being just another doctrine, it is essentially a way of life itself. It revolves around a thought process that is firmly rooted in the conviction that a liberated mind or one that is not manacled by hatred is cardinal to creativity. This is of particular consequence today as we bear witness to our beautiful world being shred by our very own demoniacal deeds. We have had to compromise on our freedom of expression which is the penalty we have paid for fostering hatred in our hearts instead of love. Philaesthoism is also the envisioning of the free thinking artist as an ambassador of peace.  Philaesthoism is a wake-up call to all artists to unite to usher in a  motivational world rich with peace.

Past Exhibitions

April 20 – 26, 2014

Colours of East & West

International Art Exhibition

@ Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Kuwait

July 25 – 29, 2016

Mind, Space & Beauty

Philaesthoism Movement of Art

@ Durbar Hall, Lalit Kala Academy, Cochin, Kerala

July 11 – 24, 2018

Her Story

A Solo Show By Sasi Krishnan

@ Art Life Gallery, Noida

The Sculptures

I used to draw on walls with charcoal and make models with mud, sand, cow dung and clay, even at the tender age. I have always a space for images which assembled to form a visually interesting three-dimensional shape, which I enjoy most.

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